Add renting functionality to your project in a single day.

Renfter is a hustle-free and easy-to-integrate whitelabel renting solution for NFT projects. Start integrating now and check one more item off your roadmap.

We created a trustless NFT renting protocol that all parties can trust using the very own technology of programmable blockchains.

Instead of transferring the original token to the borrower, as with collateral-based solutions, NFTs stay secure within Renfter's smart contracts which are responsible for executing all the necessary logic.

NFT Renting Benefits

For you and your project

Seamlessly integrate with our ready-to-use technology and save development time and resources. With Renfter, you will benefit from lower entry barriers and a large user base right from the start.

For your community and end users

A trustless renting functionality and additional utility which provides an opportunity to generate truly passive income.

Everything you need in one place

Renfter acts as a single source of trust between lenders, borrowers and third parties. By using Renfter you can easily:

Verify NFT ownership and usage rights

For every NFT rented out through our protocol, anyone can easily verify who the original token owner is and who has the rights of using it.

Execute the token's native functionality

Every custom functionality (e.g. NFT Game breeding) can be executed at any time. In order to prevent unwanted or destructive scenarios, lenders or projects can whitelist certain functionalities (blacklisted by default) before renting out their NFTs.

Get a built-in airdrop & rewards solution

Renfter acts as a real contract, with the obligation to always enforce any upfront terms previously set between lenders and renters. It allows them to agree on how potential rewards like airdrops for holders or Play2Earn rewards are going to be distributed based on three scenarios: the lender collects all the rewards, the borrower collects all the rewards, the lender and the borrower split the rewards based on a particular percentage.

Seamlessly integrate with our SDKs or via API

Simply integrate our renting functionality with your project by using our Javascript and Unity SDK or API without the need to manage contract addresses, ABIs, contract instantiation, etc.

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Reach out to us!

If you are an NFT project, gaming guild or you believe that Renfter can help you and your project, please reach out to us.