Generate passive income with your idle NFTs.

Rent out your unused NFTs sitting in your wallet to those who would like to use them for their utility and access they provide.

Uncollateralized NFT renting: the ultimate protection

The problem behind collateral-based NFT renting

Collateral fails to guarantee that your NFT will be returned to you once transferred to the borrower. Instead of blindly trusting someone else with the integrity of your asset, you can use Renfter's smart contracts to safely store and secure your NFTs once you rent them out.

One Simple Solution: Renfter

We created a trustless NFT renting protocol that all parties can trust using the very own technology of programmable blockchains.

Instead of transferring the original token to the borrower, as with collateral-based solutions, your NFT stays secure within Renfter's smart contracts which are responsible for executing all the necessary logic.

Lender is king

Use Renfter's powerful new features for total control and safety of your assets.

Uncollateralized Renting

A completely trustless and secure way of renting NFTs which guarantees that they will be returned to the Lender at the end of the rental period. Lenders can sleep tight knowing that their NFTs cannot be stolen or resold.

Functionality Execution Control

Lenders can whitelist any custom functionality for the NFTs they choose to rent out. This way, renters have access only to specific functionalities, preventing them from exhausting key utilities or reward features during the rental period.

Rewards & Airdrops Sharing

Renfter allows lenders to agree on how potential rewards like airdrops for holders are going to be distributed based on three scenarios: the lender collects all the rewards, the borrower collects all the rewards, the lender and the borrower split the rewards based on a particular percentage.

Rent out your NFTs and start generating passive income.